Durable Wooden Door Designs

If you want exterior doors that don’t easily succumb to the wear and tear of changing seasons, look no further. The exterior wood doors from East Texas Door Company aren’t just an aesthetic upgrade. They’re an investment in durability.

These doors are great for new installations and remodeling projects. Choose durability without compromising on design. If you need external wooden doors in Tyler, TX, contact East Texas Door Company. Please click below to view Exterior Wood door options. 



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You’ll Love Our Wood Doors


Repairing wood doors is often easier than repairing doors made from other materials. You can sand and refinish scratches, dents, or minor blemishes to restore the door's original look.


Wood doors provide excellent insulation. They help regulate indoor temperatures and are able to reduce energy costs by minimizing heat transfer.


From the rich tones of mahogany to the lighter hues of oak, you get ultimate versatility in design choices to achieve the exact look you want.


Wood doors adapt to different climates by expanding and contracting with temperature and humidity changes without compromising their structural integrity.

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We partner with Hoelscher Weatherstrip manufacturer to supply durable exterior doors.
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