Don’t Settle For Dull Doors

If your home or business isn’t making the statement you want, your doors may be the culprit. At East Texas Door Company, we understand the frustration of settling for subpar doors that dull the beauty of your space and don’t fit your style.

Transform your home or business by purchasing paint-grade doors in Tyler, TX. We partner with Steves and Masonite manufacturer to supply paint-grade doors that are crafted with precision. They offer a smooth, primed canvas ready for use. Please click on one of our vendors to view style options. 




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Paint-Grade Doors Crafted with Precision

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Residential Paint Grade Door Styles

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You’ll Love Our Paint Grade Doors


These doors come ready to paint, so you can choose any color that suits your interior design preferences. They can seamlessly integrate with diverse color schemes and styles.


Paint-grade doors are generally easy to maintain. If the paint gets chipped or the style of the room changes, a fresh coat of paint can easily rejuvenate the door.


They are often constructed with lightweight materials, making them easy to install. This is great for DIY projects or when quick installation is needed.


Paint-grade doors are often more cost-effective than doors with higher-end finishes. This makes them a budget-friendly option for interior spaces.

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Your doors aren’t just practical. They’re an integral part of your home or business’ personality.
Contact East Texas Door Company to upgrade to paint-grade doors.

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